Most Famous Bengali Recipe

Bengali sweets or Misthi are the integral part of all the celebration in Bengali families. “Misthi Mukh” (sweetening the mouth) is ritual followed in Bengali home whenever there is good news.

Some of the mouth watering dishes are : Manohara, Payesh, Dilkhsh, Misti doi, Nalen gurer sandesh, Rasomalai etc. During sankranti ( a post-harvest celebration in January) Pithae like chanar pithae, a coconut and chana dal sweet; Patishpata, a coconut filled pan cake etc are prepared.

All bengali sweets are usually Chenna or cottege cheese based, this is unique feature as in other part of india sweets are usually khoya based or dey sweets like besan ka laddu or modak or boondi ka laddu.

Speciality of Indian recipe is use of spices and herbs in most the cuisine and long-standing and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. India is multi-society, multi-culture, multi-religion and multi-state country. These variety is clearly reflect in Indian Cuisine and recipe. Indian cuisine is characterized by a great variety of foods, spices, and cooking techniques. Furthermore, each religion, region, and caste has left its own influence on Indian food.

Certain part of west bengal have come to be associated with and famous for peticularswets named Bardhman – famous mihidana and shitabhog (both are made of chenna in syrup).

One of bngal most famous exports is “Chenna ka rasogolla” and more famous and mouth watering recipe is sandesh(made from chenna).

  • by Hitu Mehotra

Author: Kolkata Team

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