Mahatirtham Presenting “Let’s make PLASTIC our FRIEND from FOE… by the word REUSE!!”

Global Warming has been a dangerous peril for mankind. Over the year, continuous release of green house gases in the atmosphere has created panic among us. Every possible measure is being taken to stop pollution of surroundings. Among various measures, creating awareness as regard to its adverse impact has been placed on the top. Last year, Mahatirtham Durgotsab’s theme was based on eradication of pollution from atmosphere by using natural made things. Last year, they had used solar plates in their puja pandal to create awareness that instead of relying on electricity which releases huge amount of smoke in the atmosphere, we should start depending on solar energy for electricity. This year too they are coming up with the similar concept i.e “Let’s make PLASTIC our FRIEND from FOE… by the word REUSE!! Plastic made bags are thrown here and there senselessly. These bags choked the drains and stop release of wastage water inside the drain. The stagnant water creates problem for the passer byes. The only way to get rid of it is reuse or recycling of the used plastic bags.

Last year Mahatirtham Durgotsab had received many awards, the noteworthy are CESC, The Telegraph – Puja That Cares 2012, WB Govt. Nirmal Puja – Seera Shakti 2012, Tiljala Thana Samonnoi committe – 1st, Star Ananda – Best Jury Award 2012, 94.3 fm – Eco Freindly Puja – 1st, Jodhpur Park Vision Makers – Special Award, Banchbo Sharad Samman 2012 – 3rd.

In this year their puja budget is around 10 lakhs as informed by Mr. Subhodeep Goswami.

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Visit Mahatirtham Durgotsab at Hossainpur, Kalikapur, E. M. Bypass, Behind BINAYAK Marriage Hall, Kolkata,West Bengal- 700107.

To have a glimpse of their 2013 puja pandal, visit Mahatirtham Citizens Forum Durga Puja 2013.

Mahatirtham Durgotsab 2013 Pandal Creating Snap

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