AMI BOLCHI – Mukundapur Sarbojanin Presents an Autobiography of a Tree

Mukundapur Sarbojanin Durgotsav Committee has been celebrating durga puja for the last 38 years. This year they have stepped in the 39th year of celebration. A well known puja, it has always surprises the visitors with their outstanding pandal and excellent decoration. This can be evident from the awards they had received last year. The noteworthy of mentioning are CESC Telegraph – 2 star, Bharat Tathya Mitra, Banga TV, Bengal Watch, Jodhpur Park Vision Makers, Bhorer Aalo Sharad Samman.

This year their puja theme will again surprise the visitors. The visitors could not escape glimpse of this puja. The theme for 2014 is “AMI BOLCHI“– an autobiography of a tree. The theme will touch that part of the tree life which is full of scream and pain. The trees are screaming and crying in pain for help because of the senseless cutting down worldwide for material pursuance. Deforestation is one of the factors which add to global warming and the impact of it is well known to us. Through their puja pandal, Mukundapur Sarbojanin Durgotsav Committee is trying to remind people of the adversity of deforestation. Grass, shrubs, herbs are used in pandal decoration beside bamboos and other materials. The pandal containing the durga idol is encircled by a meadows of grass in which beautiful carving of human, wheel, birds, kites, trees etc will be seen.

The budget for puja is 15 lacs as informed by Secretary Mr Bapi Nath and President Mr Swapan Saha. About Kolkata Team wishes them a happy and prosperous puja.

Visit this pandal at Mukundapur, Purba Jadavpur, Mukunda Bhavan, Kolkata (near Rabindranath Tagore Hospital)


Author: Kolkata Team

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