Khuti Puja – The Beginning of Behala 29 Pally 2014 Journey

Behala 29 Pally has been celebrating Durga Puja for a long a time. Outstanding puja theme and lightings have added popularity in their name in Behala area. This year, their Khuti Puja was held on 10th August. Puja committee members and para pratibeshi i.e local people were present during the puja.

As far as puja theme for this year is concerned Khela Nie Khela is the current theme. But they have not yet described it for reason of confidentiality. However, About Kolkata will come up with theme as and when it is officially declared.

About Kolkata Team is grateful to Behala 29 Pally for showing their kind cooperation and courtesy to our team member during Khuti Puja.

Visit About Kolkata Blog to know the details of puja theme which will come in the next news release.


Author: Kolkata Team

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