SWAHA – Lake Gardens People’s Association Pray for Holi Fire

Lake Gardens Peoples’ Association has been celebrating durga puja for the last 58 years. This year, they have entered in the 59th year of celebration. Being an age old puja, they have always maintained glory of their name. Beautiful decoration, excellent theme and scintillating lightings are their main weapons to pull the crowds.

This year, their theme is “SWAHA”—the word chanted during the performance of yajna. Yajnas herald the awakening of human consciousness and represent that moment in history when man discovered fire and crossed the threshold from the instinctive animal nature to higher planes of consciousness. Fire is one of the five elements of creation and its existence is eternal. The discovery of fire and its potential was a giant leap from animal to human awareness. Through the purifying influence of Agni and the sound vibration of mantras, the effect of yajna is felt on two levels; internal and external. Yajna is the celebration of the birth of human civilization.

The pandal structure is made of iron rod on which plywoods are fitted. The pandal resembles the flame of fire. Lightings are arranged according to the pandal theme. This novel theme is sought to be presented through the combined efforts of the eminent artist and designer Sri Dipak Ghosh and the acclaimed light designer Sri Dinesh Poddar. The unique Durga idol has been conceptualized and executed by the noted artist Sri Ashish Ghosh (Santiniketan).

About Kolkata Team is grateful to them for showing their curtsey and kind cooperation in providing information to our team members during their visit. The team wishes them very happy and prosperous puja.

To see the beautiful pandal of Lake Garden Peoples’ Association, visit them at Bangur Park, Lake Gardens.


Author: Kolkata Team

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