The Ten Rites Of Passage for the Celebration by Panditia Sandhya Sangha

Celebrating durga puja since 1953, Panditia Sandhya Sangha had been presenting traditional based pandal for a long time. However, with the emergence of theme based pandal, they too have parallely shifted their focus to this direction. Be it a traditional based or theme oriented pandal, the rituals and ingredients used during rites have its own importance and it binds every of us in a single thread.

This year, Panditia Sandhya Sangha is trying to bring us close to the rituals with the use of rituals ingredients in their pandal decoration. Their theme for 2014 is “পুরানো সেই পুজোর কথা” (Purano Sei Pujor Kotha) – The spirit of any Puja or Hindu ritual- The Ten Rites of passage for the celebration and tribute to our forefathers… What better way to end Pitripaksha and invoke the Goddess than “Dasakarma”- a journey using the ingredients used in the rites and rituals to celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil. At Panditiya Sandhya Sangha, this year the focal theme would be ingredients used in Hindu rituals, from the Pandal to the decorations and to the Deity herself, a salute to celebrating life through the small things that complete our traditions”.

A beautiful portrait of god and goddesses on the clay plates with the ingredients used in ritual is going to mesmerize the visitors. Lightings are being arranged according to the pandals suitability. This distinguished pandal is not going to disappoint the visitors and is worth watching.

To see this mesmerizing pandal, visit them at 35A, Panditia Road Kolkata, West Bengal – 700029.

Author: Kolkata Team

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