Mahatirtham Presenting “Let’s make PLASTIC our FRIEND from FOE… by the word REUSE!!”

Global Warming has been a dangerous peril for mankind. Over the year, continuous release of green house gases in the atmosphere has created panic among us. Every possible measure is being taken to stop pollution of surroundings. Among various measures, creating awareness as regard to its adverse impact has been placed on the top. Last year, Mahatirtham Durgotsab’s theme was based on eradication of pollution from atmosphere by using natural made things. Last year, they had used solar plates in their puja pandal to create awareness that instead of relying on electricity which releases huge amount of smoke in the atmosphere, we should start depending on solar energy for electricity. This year too they are coming up with the similar concept i.e “Let’s make PLASTIC our FRIEND from FOE… by the word REUSE!! Plastic made bags are thrown here and there senselessly. These bags choked the drains and stop release of wastage water inside the drain. The stagnant water creates problem for the passer byes. The only way to get rid of it is reuse or recycling of the used plastic bags.

Last year Mahatirtham Durgotsab had received many awards, the noteworthy are CESC, The Telegraph – Puja That Cares 2012, WB Govt. Nirmal Puja – Seera Shakti 2012, Tiljala Thana Samonnoi committe – 1st, Star Ananda – Best Jury Award 2012, 94.3 fm – Eco Freindly Puja – 1st, Jodhpur Park Vision Makers – Special Award, Banchbo Sharad Samman 2012 – 3rd.

In this year their puja budget is around 10 lakhs as informed by Mr. Subhodeep Goswami.

About Kolkata Team proudly announces that we are the online media partner of Mahatirtham Durgotsab.

Visit Mahatirtham Durgotsab at Hossainpur, Kalikapur, E. M. Bypass, Behind BINAYAK Marriage Hall, Kolkata,West Bengal- 700107.

To have a glimpse of their 2013 puja pandal, visit Mahatirtham Citizens Forum Durga Puja 2013.

Mahatirtham Durgotsab 2013 Pandal Creating Snap

Water Is Life – This Beautiful Message Comes Up with Dumdum Park Tarun Sangha

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha’s endeavor to present unique and different pandal has never escaped the eyes of the visitors and the jury. Evidently, last year, they were conferred with many awards. Some of these are,

  1. ABP Anando News Channel “Megastar vs Superstar” – Special Jury Award
  2. News Time News Channel “Pujo Oscar” – 1st Position in Safety Award
  3. 24Ghanta News Channel “Shera Baroari Pujo” – Shera Protima
  4. Finolex “Alok Suraksha Samman” – 3rd Position
  5. Channel-10 News Channel “Sherar Shera” – Champion Of The Champions
  6. Exide “Ami Shrestho Sharod Samman 2012” – 1st Position
  7. Lions Club International Sharad Samman – Shera Mondop
  8. R Plus News Channel “Maha Nagorer Maha Durga” – Shera Protima
  9. ETV Bangla “Shera Green Pujo” – Shera 6
  10. Tribhuboni Samman – 1st in Pandal
  11. MX-5 Channel “Sharad Samman” – Sharod Ononyo
  12. Rotaract Club Cal. Northeast “Shrestho Pujo” – 3rd in Protima
  13. Austin Plywood “Sharad Samman” – Shera 12
  14. TTIS – Idea “Choto Chokhe Boro Pujo” – 1st Runner Up
  15. Prottoy “Sharad Shilpi Samman” – Shera Abishkar
  16. SF Sonic Batteries “Shrestho Pujo” – Shera 20

They have been celebrating durga puja since 1986. Concentration of huge crowd in the puja pandal is always an exciting matter for them. Over the year, they have gained much popularity and appreciation.

In 2013 their theme is “WATER IS LIFE“.

Life cannot exist without water. Going back to the time when the civilization began, we would find that every civilization grew and progressed around rivers, lakes, streams etc. Even today, lives are settled around water. So, water is such a precious gift of nature without which existence cannot be thought. But for some material greediness, the sources of water such as oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams are being constantly destroyed. As a result, less water is available for irrigation which in turn effecting the cultivation. Aquatic lives are in danger. Trees by the side of the ponds, lakes are being cut and birds are losing their residence. Also, global temperature has risen over the years, leaving for us improper surrounding to breath in.

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha is praying to goddess durga that she should awaken the conscience of the people so that they should not destroy this important source of existence.

Mr. Joy Sengupta, Mr. Prithwish Roy and Mr. Bipul Saha, the Secretaries and the President Mr. Lakhanlal Das of Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha Puja Committee. They have budgeted this year’s cost for puja which stands around Rs 20,00,000/-.

As an online media partner of Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha, we About Kolkata Team wishes them that Maa Durga should fulfill their pray.

To see the pandal of Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha, visit them at dumdum park, tank no.3, P.S. – Laketown, Kolkata –  700055.

To have a glimpse of their 2013 puja pandal, visit Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha Durga Puja 2013.

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha 2013 Pandal Creating Snap

Adarsha Samity Presenting Global Warming and Its Effect on Earth

Last year, Haridevpur Adarsha Samity Puja had received many awards for their outstanding puja pandal. The noteworthy awards were Zee Bangla Eco Friendly Puja, Road Trek Sarod Sonman, Jugantor Sarod Sanman , Star Ananda Sarod Sanman, Poribes Daftar, West Bengal Yuva-Kalyan Department, South Kolkata Krira Sanskritik Parisad, Srabon Sarod Sanman, Bengal Nalnda Group and many more.

In their 45th year, they are coming up with an important message to the world through their puja pandal. This year, their theme is about “GLOBAL WARMING and Its Effect on Earth”.

Ozone layer of earth’s atmosphere, which acts as a protective blanket against ultraviolet rays of the sun, is getting deteriorated day by day due to continuous emission of greenhouse gases and deforestation. The average temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans have risen since late 19th century. The effects of an increase in global temperature include a rise in sea levels, change in amount and pattern of precipitation, retreat glacier, permafrost, and sea ice, more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as heat waves, ocean acidification, species extinction, and loss of habitat from inundation.

If we do not stop emission of greenhouse gases and senseless cutting of trees, we are not far away from time when all the creatures will extinct. Haridevpur Adarsha Samity spreading the message from their 2013 event.

For 2013, their puja budget is around 5 lacs as informed by Mr. Ujjal Chakraborty.

About Kolkata Team is a online media partner of Haridevpur Adarsha Samity Puja and wishes them that they should successfully accomplish their task of creating awareness as regard to adverse impact of global warming, that people should realize their fault and show their eagerness to protect the only shelter “OUR EARTH”.

Visit Adarsha Samity pandal of at Ostad Amir Khan Sarani, Kolkata – 700082.

To have a glimpse of their 2013 puja pandal, visit Haridevpur Adarsha Samity Durga Puja 2013.

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Haridevpur Adarsha Samity 2013 Pandal Creating Snap

SHAKTI JODI MUKTI – The Theme of Kestopur Prafulla Kanan (Paschim)

Kestopur Prafullakanan (Poschim) Adhibasibrinda Puja Committee has been celebrating durga puja for the last eleven years. Over these years they have come up with varied concepts and themes. Because of unique concepts, they have attracted huge crowd during these years. Last year, they were bestowed with Bangla Sahitto Porishod 2012 award.

This year, their theme is based on “SHAKTI JODI MUKTI”. MUKTI i.e Salvation resides inside SHAKTI. Salvation can only be found through strength, power and courage. Goddess Durga is a symbol of beauty and strength. This beauty and strength are being searched everywhere. Mr. Rupachand Kundu is trying to trace that beauty and truth by using bricks. wood , concrete, iron scrap, glass bottle etc in pandal.

This year, the budget is fifteen lakhs as informed by President Mr. Sukhan Chokroborty and Secretary Mr. Ashok Patra.

Visit Kestopur Prafullakanan (Poschim) Adhibasibrinda Puja at Lipika Abasan, AA-122 Prafullakanan (W) Kestopur, Kolkata, India for discover the real beauty of power.

  • About Kolkata Team is delightful to be a online media partner of Kestopur Prafull Kanan ( Paschim) Adhibasibrinda Puja Committee and wishes them a happy and prosperous durga puja 2013.

To have a glimpse of their 2013 puja pandal, visit Kestopur Prafulla Kanan (West) Adhibasibrinda Durga Puja 2013.

Kestopur Prafulla Kanan (West) 2013 Pandal Creating Snap

Video Coverage by ABP Anada

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Kestopur Prafulla Kanan (Paschim) Adhibasi Brinda Puja Event of 2013