Naktala Udayan Sangha – Banglar Pujor Mukh

Naktala Udayan Sangha, the name itself expresses the glory, devotion and long term attachment with durga puja. The name itself is sufficient for people to recognize and make imagination of the pandal going to be. Since inception, they have always surprised the visitors with excellent theme and outstanding pandal.This is their 28th year of celebration.

Over these years they have gained so much popularity and fame that they don’t need any introduction. People would recognize them at once just by hearing the name. The association of great people like honorable education minister of West Bengal Mr Partha Chatterjee and Tollywood star actor Prosenjit Chatterjee has flourished their name across the whole of West Bengal. Mr Partha Chatterjee is the chairman of Naktala Udayan Sangha. Although Bumba Da isn’t our officially brand ambassador of says Bappaditya Dasgupta (The General Secretary of Naktala Udayan Sangha). Other distinguished people who are associated with this puja are Ustad Rashid Khan, Dinesh Poddar, Surojit, Soumitra and Bhabatosh Sutar.

Naktala Cut Out 8

Their achievement so far in terms of awards is worth mentioning. the noteworthy are Asian Paints Sharad Shamman– 5 times, Snowcem Puja Perfect– 4 times, Nutrela Sambad Pratidin Puja Perfect – once, ABP Ananda Hall of Fame– once, ABP Ananda Megastar Puja– once, Anandabazar Sharad Arghya– twice, Berger Paints Priyo Puja Critics Choice– once, Mahanayak Sharad Samman– thrice, Sharad Shree Award– twice, M.P. Birla Foundation Puja Utkarsha Samman– twice, 24 Ghanta Sera Barowari Puja– 4 times, E-TV Bangla Sabar Sera Puja– thrice, ZEE Bangla- Banglar Sera Puja– twice, News Time Pujor Oscar– thrice, Kolkata TV Maha Puja, Navaratna & Chirag Sharad Shamman– 4 times, Channel 10 Super Champion Puja– twice, Kolkata Shree Puja– thrice, CESC- The Telegraph True Spirit Puja– 5 times, The Times of India Sharad Shreshtha Puja– thrice, SF Sonic Shrestha Puja– once and many more.


Artist Bhabatosh Sutar is behind the creation of pandal and idol. Durga idol is made of fiber glass and the pandal of wood and wood items. Since this year maa durga is coming on boat, so visitors can see idol through boats. While entering in the pandal they can hear sound of waves of sea. Inside the pandal visitors can feel as if they are sailing on boat in sea. Every arrangement to give natural look to the pandal has been made by Naktala Udayan Sangha. “জলের মাঝেই জেগে ওঠেন দুর্গতিনাশিনী” – song of ustad Rashid Khan will capsize the visitors in a new mood. Beside that the theme music “নদী ভরা ঢেউ বোঝো না তো কেউ” – by Soumitra & Surojit will create the heavenly atmosphere.

On 25th September, they have inaugurated their pandal in the presence of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and other distinguished guest Ustad Rashid Khan, Surojit Chatterjee, Soumitra Ray and may others.

About Kolkata Team proudly announces that we are online media partner of Naktala Udayan Sangha. We extend our thanks to them for their kind cooperation and courtesy.

Visit Naktala Udayan Sangha at 1/250, Krishanu Dey Sarani,(Naktala) Kolkata – 700047.

The Ten Rites Of Passage for the Celebration by Panditia Sandhya Sangha

Celebrating durga puja since 1953, Panditia Sandhya Sangha had been presenting traditional based pandal for a long time. However, with the emergence of theme based pandal, they too have parallely shifted their focus to this direction. Be it a traditional based or theme oriented pandal, the rituals and ingredients used during rites have its own importance and it binds every of us in a single thread.

This year, Panditia Sandhya Sangha is trying to bring us close to the rituals with the use of rituals ingredients in their pandal decoration. Their theme for 2014 is “পুরানো সেই পুজোর কথা” (Purano Sei Pujor Kotha) – The spirit of any Puja or Hindu ritual- The Ten Rites of passage for the celebration and tribute to our forefathers… What better way to end Pitripaksha and invoke the Goddess than “Dasakarma”- a journey using the ingredients used in the rites and rituals to celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil. At Panditiya Sandhya Sangha, this year the focal theme would be ingredients used in Hindu rituals, from the Pandal to the decorations and to the Deity herself, a salute to celebrating life through the small things that complete our traditions”.

A beautiful portrait of god and goddesses on the clay plates with the ingredients used in ritual is going to mesmerize the visitors. Lightings are being arranged according to the pandals suitability. This distinguished pandal is not going to disappoint the visitors and is worth watching.

To see this mesmerizing pandal, visit them at 35A, Panditia Road Kolkata, West Bengal – 700029.

DEITY IN DIMENSIONS – Philosophy and Science Has Come Together At Swadhin Sangha

In this year Bhowanipur Swadhin Sangha organized 29th celebration of Durga Puja. Their concept and design by Sri Madan Mitra, Minister of Sports and Transports. They are also have own theme music, Rag Bhairav and Bhairavi in Sitar and Tabla.

This year their theme is “Ma Jokhon Matray”, “Deity in Dimension” – But what is relation between Ma Durga and Scientific Calculation. Their version,

“Today’ nuclear and astro physics have accepted that the Vedic and ancient philosophies were very much scientific. \And as a result the long fight between philosophy and science has come to an end. We consider Devi DURGA to be a symbol of Power. Along with that through Durga Puja we actually is made of dimensions and plasmic bodies, Devi Bhagabati is a symbol of those dimensions. We have tried to establish the before said dimensions through devi durga and also have tried to make a portrait of the integration of science and philosophy.”

But the actual fact to see what is “Ma Jokhon Matray” you have to come in Bhowanipur Swadhin Sangha. And also keep watch


Panditia Puja Samity Is Invoking Goddess Durga with Light and Sound

Panditia Puja Samity has been celebrating durga puja for the last 68 years. This year they have stepped in their 69th year of celebration. This year their theme is “Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu” – with end of Pitripaksha commences the Devipaksha on the auspicious day of Mahalaya. People starts feeling her presence everywhere and welcomes her with lights, sound and chanting of mantras. Hymns or mantras awakes us on the morning of Mahalaya and fill our life with a new spirit, assures us that one day or the other good will always win over the evil.

Panditia Puja Samity is trying to capture that moment when devi durga emerges after killing mahissasur. They are using those materials in their pandal decoration which is required to convert devis different looks.

The budget is 5,00,000 approx as informed by secretary Mr. Kartick Roy and president Mr. Joydip Mukherjee.

Visit Panditia Puja Samity at 3 Panditia Place, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700029.