Khuti Puja – The Beginning of Behala 29 Pally 2014 Journey

Behala 29 Pally has been celebrating Durga Puja for a long a time. Outstanding puja theme and lightings have added popularity in their name in Behala area. This year, their Khuti Puja was held on 10th August. Puja committee members and para pratibeshi i.e local people were present during the puja.

As far as puja theme for this year is concerned Khela Nie Khela is the current theme. But they have not yet described it for reason of confidentiality. However, About Kolkata will come up with theme as and when it is officially declared.

About Kolkata Team is grateful to Behala 29 Pally for showing their kind cooperation and courtesy to our team member during Khuti Puja.

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Dum Dum Tarun Dal Started Their Journey through Bhumi Puja

Since 1977, Dum Dum Tarun Dal has been actively participating in durga puja with their outstanding puja pandals and lightings. Every year they surprise the visitors with distinguish and excellent theme. This year their theme isRonge Banshe Jal Buni.

On 29th June, they had celebrated Khuti puja. Among the distinguish guests present during the khuti puja were Mr. Sougata Roy, Member of Parliament, actress Ritabhari ChakrabortySujit Bose, MLA and Vice chairman of South Dum Dum Muncipality and singer Lopamudra Mitra. Puja committee members and local residents had actively participated in the puja. Presence of such a high profile guests had enhanced their enjoyment. From escorting to attending each and every guest were actively done by the members.

About Kolkata Team is thankful to Dum Dum Tarun Dal for their kind cooperation during our visit.

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Sammilita Lalabagan Sarbojanin’s Khuti Puja was Held On 15th August

Sammilita Lalabagan Sarbojanin
has been celebrating durga puja since 1948. This year they have stepped in the 66th year. Every year they come up with outstanding concepts as regard to their theme is concerned. This year, their theme is “Bhanga Gorai Jibon Bhora… Ma er Pujoi Sorik Mora”. As we all know that the durga puja preparation commences with the Khuti puja.

Sammilita Lalabagan Sarbojanin’s Khuti Puja was held on the auspicious day, the 15th August. The puja started at 11 A.M and continued till 1 P.M. Among the guests, the honourable Deputy Mayor of The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Farzana Alam and the area councilor Sadhan Saha were present. Beside that, the associated members and the local residents actively participated in the puja. The embedding of Khuti on earth was done by a girl child whose image appears in their banner.

About Kolkata Team is thankfull to Sammilita Lalabagan Sarbojanin for their warm welcome and kind cooperation in providing informations to the team members during khuti puja.

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Kalighat Sangashree Started Their 2014 Journey Through Khuti Puja

Among the durga puja of kalighat –Hazra area, Sanghasree is a age old puja, entering in the 69th year this year. This year they have chosen an highly influential theme Save Tiger. Over the past few years, the world has witnessed a substantial reduction in the number of tigers which has become a threat to the ecology. Through their puja Sanghasree is trying to spread awareness among people not to disturb forest lives.


On 15th August, they had organised their khuti puja event. The puja started at 2:30PM. The Chairman of Sanghasree and Mayor in Council Mr. Debasish Kumar presided over the guest chair. Associated members and the local residents actively participated in the khuti puja.

About Kolkata Team extends its thanks to Sangashree for their courtesy and kind cooperation in providing informations to the team members during the khuti puja.

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